The Dallas Metroplex is lucky to have not one, not two, but Three Premier Indoor Paintball Facilities.

Many people ask; “Why indoor paintball fields?”

f trying to book an event for a birthday party, corporate event, school outing, etc for a week from now, or 3 months from now, you really have no idea what the weather will bring. Many a party has been ruined by rain, wind, heat, cold, bugs, snakes, snow and more. By utilizing our indoor paintball fields, you know that the event will go on without a hitch.

Is the Game Different for Indoor Paintball?

It does vary from outdoor paintball a bit. It has a slightly faster pace. When playing outside, many times the games become more of hide and seek instead of paintball. You don’t have to cross 4 acres of brush to try to find someone to shoot at. This makes for fun and fast action. And there are Many Different Indoor Paintball Games you can Play!

Indoor Paintball makes for short walks

The other big difference for Indoor Paintball is how far you have to go to start a game. Instead of walking out to a distant field, or riding on a trailer, the game is just a few steps away. This means at an Indoor Paintball field, you can get a lot more games in. I’ve been to outdoor fields where it takes 15 minutes on a trailer to get everyone out to a field. When the game starts, if you get hit in the first minute – you are sitting on the side lines until that game ends. Then they load everyone back up and head back to the staging area so everyone can reload their guns with air or CO2. This whole round trip can take more than an hour, so a few games in a 2 or 3 hour time period is pretty standard. At one of the GatSplat Indoor Paintball facilities, we turn our games fast so you can easily play 4, 5, or 6 games an hour! If it’s your responsibility to drive the kids to paintball, and you don’t play… fear not. We’re thinking of you! We have large viewing windows that look over the fields, and the entire facility is WIFI. So if the significant other is telling you to mow grass, paint the house, or trim trees, and you want to use the “Oh I would honey, but I promised Junior I’d take him to play paintball…” We’ll never tell! Oh yea… the other difference between grass fields and our fields – ours are never muddy, hot, cold, too windy, humid, dark, etc. They are always perfect! To make sure you don’t get bored, our professional refs will be changing up the field pattern every other week or so, so each time it will be a new challenge. If you want to see some photo’s of the fields, check out our Photo Gallery or check out our Virtual Tour.

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