Different Indoor Paintball Games to Play

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If you have never played Indoor Paintball, the first thing you will notice is the speed of the games. Outdoor, there is a tendency to have to play hide and seek. You will see outdoor fields that in their marketing say they have “96 acres of fields”. The question you may want to ask your self is do you want to hike and walk over 96 acres of land to play a game of paintball!?

With indoor, the game starts where you are 100 feet or so apart, and when the ref says GO! you can start shooting at your opponent.

So indoor paintball, just like outdoor paintball can be broken into two different types of games:

Elimination Paintball

Elimination is just as assumed – one team tries to eliminate the other. So the only goal is to shoot the other team. At GatSplat facilities, elimination games come with a rule that no one can cross the center of the field. This lets new players get used to play while hanging in the back so no one can run up on them and shoot them at close range.

Capture the Flag

At our GatSplat fields, it’s actually not a flag – but a sword! So Capture the Sword consists of a flag set about 15 feet in front of the Castle. The teams are divided into attackers and defenders. The goal is for the attackers to move up and grab the sword before the time is called for the game. Grabbing the sword signifies a victory for the attackers, while fighting off the attackers for 3-4 minutes means a win for the defenders.

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