Paintball Field Demographics

Before you go and decide to open up an indoor paintball field whether a Franchise or on your own you need to take a realistic look at your demographics. That means – who are the people in your area? What ages, what income levels? You need to be honest with yourself. If you are in a small town with a very small rural population, you are probably not going to be able to open a successful field. It takes people to make you money. A lot of people. And the people who play are mostly young. Based on a study I saw, more than half the people playing are 15 or younger.
Proper Demographics for an indoor paintball field
And to be very honest – it is expensive. Buying guns, entry, paintballs, accessories – it takes a pretty good income to afford this sport. And 12 year old kids don’t have the money to drop $75 playing for a day – so it’s going to be mommy and daddy that foot the bill. So you need a “demographic” of a lot of well paid parents, who have a lot of kids in the age demographic you are shooting for in an area close to you.

If you peer into the parking lot of one of our GatSplat locations any given Saturday, you will see a lot of BMW’s, Range Rovers, Mercedes, etc dropping off kids. So if you have a demographic of a lot of well to do soccer moms driving Lexus SUV’s in your area – you’re off on the right foot. If not… stop now before you waste your time and money.

Now the bad news is, these parents are living in houses that run $300,000 or more – and if the price of real estate is that high, you can’t afford to be real close. So you are looking for an area that is close enough for them to drive to, maybe 1/2 hour away, but not in an area where they are worried about getting car jacked. So hopefully, you can nab yourself a building that is in an area where real estate prices are down just a bit, but you are surrounded by high income housing.

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